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ZnSe Prism

The transmission range of Zinc Selenide ZnSe-CVD is 0.5 - 20 µm.

ZnSe CVD used for high power CO2 laser optics at 10.6µm, for protective optics windows or optical elements in FLIR (forward looking infrared) thermal imaging equipment, optics for medical and industrial applications (optical plane parallel windows (plates, disks, blanks), wedged windows, optical meniscus, spherical and cylindrical lenses, prisms, resonator mirrors of CO2 laser). 

The refractive index is near 2.4. Zinc Selenide has a very low absorbtion coefficient and is used extensively for high power infrared laser optic. It is non-hygroscopic.

Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) - transparent in wide spectral range from yellow (visible) to far IR. ZnSe material is a chemically inert, non-hygroscopic and highly pure product that is very effective in many optical applications due to its extremely low bulk losses, high resistance to thermal shock and stability in virtually all environments, easily machined.

ZnSe prism specifications:

Standard precision


Dimension Tolerance



Thickness Tolerance




1 arc minutes

10 arc seconds

Surface Quality




N<λ/2@633nm(at 50mm)

N<λ/10@633nm(at 50mm)

Clear Aperture




Protected <0.5mmx45deg

Protected <0.5mmx45deg


ZnSe properties

Chemical Formula ZnSe
Molecular Weight 144.33
Crystal Class Cubic, hexagonal
Crystal Structure Polycrystalline
Density, g/cm3 at 293 K 5.27
Melting Temperature, K 1790
Thermal Conductivity, W/(m K) at 300 K 18
Thermal Expansion, 1/K
at 173 K
at 273 K
at 473 K

5.6 x 10-6
7.1 x 10-6
8.3 x 10-6
Specific Heat, cal/(g K) at 296 K 0.081
Debye Temperature, K 246
Bandgap, eV 2.7
Solubility in water at 298 K 0.001 g/100 g H2O
Knoop Hardness, kg/mm2(100 g load) 105
Young's Modulus, GPa 70
Bulk Modulus, GPa 40
Poisson's Ratio 0.28

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